New Beginnings for a New Year: Our Cardboard Testimonies

What would you like your cardboard testimony THIS YEAR to be?

Not what the grand cardboard testimony for your life be…but what would you like your cardboard testimony THIS YEAR to be?

For this coming year, What would you write on the front side of that piece of cardboard?

We often don’t know how the back side will turn out…Sometimes we ask for miracles and are given peace.  Other times we ask for very little and get surprised by a miraculous result.  You never know how God will move in your life…But how would you start your cardboard testimony this year?  What would you want to write on the first side at the beginning of the year?  …Only to have God write on the other side – throughout the year to come.

A second question for you…What are you holding back from God? In what new or creative way can you give to the work of God of in your family, in your workplace, in your communities…You are a significant and key player in the story God is telling in other people’s lives. What new or innovative thing can you give to God this year that you haven’t been giving before – in order to help others fulfill their cardboard testimonies?

So ponder those two questions today….

a) How can you give to God’s ministry in new and creative ways this year? Have you been holding anything back in the past?

b) In this new year, what story do you want God to most tell in your life this year? If you were to write on only that first side of your Cardboard Testimony today, what would you want it to say?

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